Epoxy,Epoxy Floor System ,Epoxy Coating,Epoxy Self-Leveling,Epoxy Anti-Staic,Epoxy Anti Non-Slip

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  WE ,Pachara Development LTD.,PART, has been the leader in the development of flooring technology. that installs floor for industry business. Our products are vary and customizing such as Epoxy floor, Polyurethane, Refrigerated room’s floor, Factory floor, Concrete floor etc. Characteristic: We offer full services, which include engineer support.


Concrete floor, Factory floor (waterproof)
1. Excellent adhesion, smooth and shiny surface
2. High impact resistance and tough surface
4. Easy to maintenance
5. Choices of color
6. Anti-dust
7. Antibacterial and germ protection
8. Chemical resistant
9. Reduced cost for maintenance
10 Increase productivities

Surface Requirement/Preparations For Concrete Floor
  The newly power-floated/steel trowel smooth finish with fine gripping and without concrete enrichment shall be allowed 28 days curing to achieve the designed strength. Moisture level of substrate has to be 15% and below (measured by protimeter) before commencement of the floor coating system.Water vapour barrier must be provided for the ground/basement floor slabs to prevent up-rising moisture. (membrance water barrier system is preferred)
   The concrete floor should be protected by the Main Contractor from any damages during the construction period. All cracks, pot holes and the like shall be treated prior to the application of the floor coating system.
Epoxy Floor System
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Epoxy Self Leveling
  • Epoxy Anti Staic
  • Epoxy Non-Slip
  • Epoxy Design
Water Proof System
  • Comment Base
  • Acrylic Base
  • Polyurethane Base
Polyurethane Floor System
  • Plyurethane Coating
  • Pu Concrete
Chemical Resistance Rinsing
  • FRP Lining,Vinyl Ester,Epoxy High Resistance